Year: 2018
Material: Wood / Steel wire rope / Hardware
Here is my graduation project in CAFA. The topic is trying to use wood as the main material to create a shelter, which could easily and quickly be built.
In 2018 CAFA Graduation Exhibition
My shelter space constructed by 26*22 pieces of wood bricks and is connected by steel wire rope in series connection in the middle of each brick. The rectangular surface composed by those wood bricks shaped as a camber surface after giving two different tensions over two sides of the rectangle, then it will naturally become a space that has different heights caused by different breadths. The curved surface seems like a awning of Chinese Wupeng boats or a Chinese summer sleeping mat. People can go inside to the shelter from the highest entrance and must bend their body after going further inside. Finally they will sit inside of it because of the height’s change and enjoy more about this project.


1 2
Concept Model 1, Wood / Thin Wire
Concept Model 2, PVC / Elastic String
Here is the demonstration of the shape forming.

process 2

The project also:
Exhibited in 今日美术馆 / Today Art Museum in Beijing in 2018
Attended ‘设计家 / Easy Home Decor’ Program produced by Phoenix Television
Exhibited in 2018 Beijing Design Week in 什刹海 / Shichahai
Photographer: 金伟琦 / Jin Weiqi
Model: 邓晓倩 / Deng Xiaoqian

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