This is a real exhibition design project done by me and other guys from CAFA in the end of 2016. The exhibition was held in National Art Museum of China, all artworks were created by professors from CAFA and the main theme was to commemorate the 80th anniversary on the success of Long March.

The whole space could be quiet dark so that it can represent those difficulties that our soldiers suffering during the Long March. Contrast to black, several red walls and surfaces showed up among this dark atmosphere to light up visitors. Red parts were partly connected.

All photos were taken before the opening of the exhibition so the light is not the exact situation that it should be, but the space could be clearly understood. 

The entrance of the gallery.
Photos of the exhibition.
Photos of the exhibition.
Photos of the exhibition.
Photos of the exhibition.
Photos of the exhibition.
Photos of the exhibition.
Photos of the exhibition.

Spatial Design: Mu Yiran, Liu Xuan, Cao Yu, Chen Tzehua (From CAFA School of Architecture)

Graphic Design: Zhao Deyu, He Yanchao, Yuan Qianxin, He Bin (From CAFA School of Design)

All photos ©He Bin.

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