Everyone knows Bayer as a pharmacy company, but they seldom know they start their business from a dyestuff producers since the seccond Industrial Revolution. I’d like to bring visitors back to those flourishing and emerging era to see Bayer’s dyestuff business by creating a huge dying machine inside the whole space.


Harvard ScienceCenter: Three rooftop additions expand the 1970 modern landmark designed by Josep Lluis Sert to accommodate growing departments of the History of Science, Statistics and Computer Services, and the world acclaimed Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments.

屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午8.32.39
Catalog of the collection


15 bottles of dyestuff from Harvard Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments.

Collage work for the narrative


Historical Elements that influenced Bayer Company’s business.


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Extracting curves among the section of those dying machines and recombining them as three different curves that floating inside the space. Transforming the original rectangle space as a huge machine which could let people go inside and really experience the industrial feeling at that time.

屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午8.37.12
3F Floor Plan
屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午8.37.29
4F Floor Plan
屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午8.40.37
Section A-A
屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午8.42.39
Technical Detail Drawing
屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午8.44.03
Axonometric View
屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午8.45.56
屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午8.55.13
Background Board Graphic Design
Projected animation on the background

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