Surviving, Paper collage on Bristol paper, 14*17 in,35.6*43.2 cm, 2019
Power, Paper collage on cardboard, 8.5*10.3 in, 21.4*26.1 cm, 2019
Desire, Paper collage on cardboard, 10.3*8.3 in, 26.1*21 cm, 2019
god view.jpeg
God View, Paper collage on cardboard, 9.4*5.7 in, 24*14.4 cm, 2019
屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午10.08.56
Untitled, Collage on Newprint paper (Color paper, Sticker, Organza, Paper tape, Marker pen drawing, Image printed on acetate paper), 24*36 in, 61*91 cm, 2019 

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