I’ve been there in 2017, both the architecture, artworks and the whole experience of my visiting impressed me a lot, so I decided to share this place as the first one.
The Oteiza Museum is a monographic exhibition space housing the personal collection of the renowned all-round sculptor and artist Jorge Oteiza (Orio 1908 – San Sebastian 2003). The building is situated in rural surroundings in Alzuza (Navarra), 9 kilometres from Pamplona. I went there from Pamplona by taxi. The museum is on the top of a small hill with a super nice countryside views around. I was so excited to arrive at there, even forgot to take pictures outside the architecture.
Entrance of the museum, ©Mu Yiran
The museum composed by two parts: the new architecture which is designed by Francisco Sáenz de Oiza as the museum of Oteiza, and the old building which is Jorge Oteiza’s former home and workshop. These two parts are partly connected, after you finishing your visit to the museum, you can visit the artist’s house as well.
The new part of the museum is a response to the simplicity pursued by the architect, who was concerned to harmonise the balance between content and container. An aim that was stated by the architect himself when he made it clear that, “the Foundation cannot lapse into the contradiction of producing a sculpture to contain sculptures. The more elementary and simple it is; the more monumental the sculptures will be that are displayed inside it”.
Interior space in the museum, ©Mu Yiran
The aim of projecting the spatial and metaphysical quality of Oteiza’s work through architecture led the architect to consider this building as the result of “inverting the traditional religious temple”. According to his plan, Sáenz de Oiza proposed to build “a profane temple”, in which the light is received through the sides and enters against the light in the middle, so that this space would be dark and mysterious.
The whole museum is quiet, no background music, only few visitors inside, so you can have a really nice experience enjoying the architecture and artworks. Strong contrast between dark and bright, orange and blue sometimes attracting you to continue your visiting in every corner. Rough geometry shape of those holes and windows and concrete walls all echo with Oteiza’s art style. Though the composition is simple, the power is strong.
I appreciate the way how the architect connecting spaces with the the exhibition. Here are some points that excited me.
The background of artworks is the scenery around, ©Mu Yiran


Interesting relationship between architecture and artworks, ©Mu Yiran
Light won’t directly irradiate the exhibit but the way leading to it, ©Mu Yiran
One way of displaying pieces of artworks, ©Mu Yiran
I’m not so good at photo processing so these images cannot show that beauty in real, but I’m sure that it will be a super worthy place to visit.
Here are some informations of visiting to the museum:
-Official Website Here-
  • Opening Hours
Winter (1 September- 30 June):
Guided visit of the Museum at 11.00 and 13.00 on Tuesdays.  Prior booking required. Except holidays.
Wednesdays to Fridays, 10 am – 3 pm. Saturdays, 11 am – 7 pm. Sundays an public holidays,11 am – 3 pm. Close on Mondays.
The museum is closed on 25 December and 1 January. On 24 and 31 December it closes at 1 pm.
Summer (1 July – 31 august):
Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm. Sundays an public holidays,11 am – 3 pm. Close on Mondays.
(The ticket office will close half an hour before the museum’s closing time)
  • Tickets
General admission: 4 €
Discount (2 € ): students
Admission is free, subject to proof of status, for members of the European Union under 18 years old, over 65s, pensioners and people with a disability of at least 33 per cent
Entrance free on Fridays, except holidays
  • Location
Calle la Cuesta, 7, 31486 Alzuza, Navarra, Navarra, Spain

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